Residential Interior Design

At LMB Interiors, we offer award-winning design services for both historic and modern homes in the San Francisco Bay Area. Your dreams for your home serve as our guide as we work with you to design a space that is welcoming, relaxing, and uniquely you. If you are simply here for home interior design ideas, please enjoy this sampling of the transformations we’ve created.

Respecting the original architecture while creating an environment that is beautiful, personal, authentic, is our goal. We’ve designed homes in styles ranging from Tudor to California Mediterranean, to Mid-Century Modern, to Modern with a twist of “Tradish,” and more.

Our design process is collaborative and additive. Whether you’ve been pinning images for ages, or just starting with a desire for change — we’ll work with you to draw the design plan out, clarify and develop it, and bring it to life. Together we will create something even better than what you could have envisioned alone.