My husband and I engaged LMB Interiors to help us with the full-house remodel we undertook on a mid-century house in the Oakland Hills. We interviewed several designers and hit it off with Laura right away. She and her staff helped us with architectural finishes and furnishings and got everything completely right, to create a beautiful home for our retirement. The effort included a kitchen, two powder rooms and a primary bathroom, floors, draperies, wall coverings and furniture throughout our 3,500 sq. ft. home. LMB listened and understood our taste and desires for an elegant, but comfortable home, incorporating treasured pieces that we had acquired over the decades. We loved shopping with Laura and she was great at providing options that met our tastes and budget priorities. I could not recommend anyone higher than Laura Martin Bovard.

– Michael Meyer

We are a residential general contracting firm. LMB was hired by our clients to deal with all interior finishes from the tile, to cabinetry details, paint colors all the way to the furnishing, drapes and furniture. I found LMB (Tiara and Laura specifically) great to work with! Super knowledgable, great at problem-solving challenging areas and their aesthetic is amazing. I just started a new project with them and I couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend LMB to anyone needing design or decorating assistance!

– Severin Oliver

Working with the designers at LMB Interiors is a wonderful experience from start to finish. LMB cares about every detail, engages with their clients in a very human real way, sources outstanding high-quality materials, and makes what could be a stressful experience, one that is fun, and productive with exquisite results. LMB is a rare gem, personal and genuine with everyone she works with.

– Annie Kantor, Modern Metal

My husband and I purchased a new home and the interior was completely gutted and re-imagined. Laura and LMB were instrumental in making the final results cohesive, current, unique, and reflective of our taste. LMB also has many go-to custom craftsmen who are truly artists themselves and care about their work product.

Laura and the team listen carefully, work efficiently, and are very talented and experienced. My husband and I are very thankful to Laura and LMB as our home brings us joy every day.

– Pam Hirsch

I moved to Oakland a few years ago and decided to embark on a full remodel project when I purchased a new home. I was excited to tackle a complete floor-to-ceiling update, plus all new furnishings to truly make it feel like my own. I knew the best option for me would be hiring a full-service interior design firm to help me bring this space to life. From my first conversation with Darshan LaBang, I knew LMB Interiors was The One. 

During the process, it was hard for me to visualize in my mind’s eye how it was all going to look in the end — gauging from a paint chip color, a four-inch fabric swatch, a tile sample. I was always wondering; Does this all make sense together? Will it really look good? Can this environment truly be a reflection of my own style and nature? Does Darshan really get me??? Spoiler alert: She did and it does.

Darshan LaBang and LMB Interiors are amazing. The quality of people and design expertise are simply top-notch. I could go on and on about the excellent service, design recommendations, project management skills, product selections that I experienced using LMB Interiors! My new home turned out above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined.

– Leandra Fishman

We could not recommend Laura and the entire LMB Interiors team more highly. They are extremely creative and current, easy-to-work-with, and they will design and implement your vision.

Laura and her entire team were fantastic to work with. She really understood what we were hoping to accomplish and she and her creative team hit it more perfectly than we could have imagined. We really enjoyed the entire process and are thrilled with how it came out. The rooms are beautiful, bold, colorful, unique and absolutely functional; perfectly suited to how we use those spaces in every way.

– Kim Thompson & John Bliss

Laura and her team are absolutely amazing: thoughtful, fun to work with, and have a keen ability to translate a loose vision into a coherent, coordinated environment. The best thing about working with them is they opened up design options that we hadn’t even considered for our home remodel.

We approached them late in our project when we were struggling to make choices on “hard finishes” (trim, color scheme, tile selection). While our architect had been somewhat helpful in these areas, we quickly realized we needed dedicated help. Having design experts was well worth the investment. Initially, I had been reluctant due to an already stretched budget, but the investment placed in working with them was repaid many times over in the overall time and money ultimately saved, and the real value that it has brought to the home.

I would highly recommend Laura, Julia, Darshan, and the entire team. They are talented, fun to work with, and experts in design. More than anything, they have given us a home that we’re excited to come home to and that fits our needs and tastes.

– Raj Daftary

I love thinking about home design, so I naturally thought I could furnish our new home on my own. I spent over a year mulling over the way I wanted our home to look and feel like (with little progress), and in that year I always found myself returning to LMB’s website for inspiration. What drew me in was not only the beauty of her designs, but the warmth.

There are so many layers — she can make a room look classy and edgy, yet feel cozy and warm at the same time. I didn’t want comfort to be sacrificed for style. I want my home to be both eye-catching and inviting. Laura manages both better than any designer I’ve come across. She is able to weave different styles and different looks throughout the room in a way that somehow all fits together and captures your attention at the same time. I had high expectations when we finally hired her, and she definitely met them.

Yes, hiring a designer will cost money, but as they say, “Buy nice or buy twice.” Coming home to a beautifully furnished home is an experience that we will get to enjoy and share with our family many times over. Hiring LMB was well worth it.

– Brian Kim

Joey and Laura of LMB Interiors have been fantastic to work with from start to finish on our kitchen remodel. They went above and beyond to help get our project off the ground. Joey and Laura listened closely to our initial ideas and inspirations, and then came up with an innovative design that delivered everything we wanted (but could not have come up with ourselves). They worked well with our contractor, kept tabs on the progress, and were always available to answer questions or visit our home. On top of that, Joey and Laura made the project fun and were a pleasure to work with!
– Rene Tolajian

Laura is a wonderfully talented designer. I have worked with her on everything from choosing patio furniture to designing my young daughter’s room to selecting exterior paint colors. She designed a cohesive look for our family’s pool house, coordinating the furniture, light fixtures, bath and kitchen materials, paint, fabrics, and accessories.

The overall result is a beautiful and stylish but comfortable space where my family feels at home.

Laura is a great listener. From our first meeting I knew she wanted my family to truly love the space we were designing. Laura is also flexible with her design; while I would love to follow her vision completely and purchase all proposed pieces, I sometimes have to scale back and prioritize spending. She is mindful of sticking to budget while maintaining quality. Perhaps the best part of working with Laura is that she’s a ton of fun! Our time together is spent not only designing rooms, but also laughing and sharing stories about our lives. I’ve loved working with her!
– Jen DiPrisco

We almost all have a “Go-To” person in some aspect of our life. Laura Martin Bovard has become mine.  From the first project we worked on together, I was hooked. She just got me. She infused my corporate office in Oakland with warmth and authenticity, making it a place I looked forward to stepping into each day — and one that was photographed almost daily those first few months! She worked her magic all over again for me on our office location in Berkeley, transforming a worn-out interior, reinvigorating the daily experience of working there. Then she turned to my home office, creating a space that has transformed work-life balance for me, bringing a renewed energy to my days. I’m blessed to say she’s once again back at it on our vacation home in Napa Valley, breathing to life a modern country farmhouse, that doesn’t exist—yet… 
To have Laura at my side, crafting, beautifying, and weaving her magic is truly inspirational in both my business and personal spaces. She’s a creative genius—charming, honest, and truly inspiring.  Her energy stays with her spaces long after she has left the room.
– Vanessa Bergmark, CEO/Owner, Red Oak Realty

We had an amazing experience with Laura, Joey and the LMB Interiors team. Our project scope started with designing our kitchen and three bathrooms — but the impact of LMB Interiors extended far beyond just those rooms. Laura and her team helped to channel our ideas into a cohesive, beautiful house that far exceeded our imaginations. This team has incredible experience — they know what will look good, and they share opinions and options that are in the best interest of the final outcome. They listened closely and got to know us; and as a result, were the major force behind designing a home that is authentic and completely us. LMB Interiors exudes class, creativity, style, and impeccable taste drawn from their years of design and life experience. Equally important, Laura and her team are down to earth, approachable, and fun!
– Natalie Klotsche

Laura Martin Bovard Interiors are true professionals who work with a sense of ease and joy that never intimidates. Laura and her team communicate openly and honestly (which is so important to me), and manage to find fabrics, furniture, and detail pieces in a range of prices that thrill. They are consistently reliable, kind, creative, and always produce beautiful work.

Laura has helped with the interior design of two of our houses, and we trust her implicitly. I started out hiring Laura to help me select paint colors in our newly remodeled house, and ended up handing over the design for most of our house, because I love her style and felt like she chose pieces that complimented our family’s tastes. It is so nice to work with someone that seems to have such ease putting together rooms, ending up with designs that I would have chosen, had I been blessed with the talents she possesses! I could not be more pleased with the experience I’ve had working with Laura.
– Alissa Brownrigg Small

I remember starting out with great trepidation, stubbornly hanging on to my Pottery Barn this and that’s, feeling very unsure that it would be worth the upheaval, and you very lovingly explained to me that a) some things are cheaply made and created by exploited workers and bringing that into your home creates a look/vibe/energy that is generic and cookie cutter and a little joyless, and b) they weren’t serving me or my space as well as they could be. You slowly taught me that buying hand-crafted goods from artisans that last me decades cuts down on our environmental footprint exponentially. Fast forward to two years later, your magic has touched almost every single room in my house and when I happen upon old photos with the formerly coveted pottery barn furniture in the background, I burst out laughing! We have come such a crazy-long way since then. Our house is beautiful and it feels like us. And somehow I got one of the greatest friends I’ve ever known out of that process. How lucky am I?!
– Natalie Newell Trahan

Laura Martin Bovard Interiors are the “real deal.” Laura and her team rescued us from “bad design.” They took our dark and dreary space—and transformed it into nothing short of fabulous! Laura Martin Bovard Interiors are true professionals, who always have their client’s best interest at heart.
– Kathleen Smitterberg

From the first time we met Laura, we knew we had found not only a consummate professional with excellent taste, but also just a really lovely human being. As we’ve gotten to know the rest of her team, it’s clear that she’s focused on surrounding herself with a group of people who exhibit those same qualities. A special shout-out to Darshan LaBang, who has been an amazing listener, guide, and (when we need it) someone who’s not afraid to push us ever-so-slightly out of our design comfort zone. We have full trust in this team and absolutely love the way our house is turning into a HOME thanks to the fabulous design direction and advice we get from Laura and her team on an almost daily basis. Highly recommend.
– Laura Maestrelli

Laura and her team are incredible! After purchasing a family home, Laura and her team helped us transform the run down, outdated design structure and style into a beautiful, crisp, comfortable family home. LMB helped us with everything from evaluating and selecting the shape, size, and style of new windows, to a complete remodel of our three bathrooms, kitchen and kitchen nook, to turning an old storage/basement room into an inviting and bright reading room and play area. LMB also brought the house to life with an amazing selection of colors (walls and interior fabrics) that make us feel at piece and inspired at the same time.

Laura is much more than a very experienced interior designer, she has life-coach qualities, and she brings warmth and compassion to her work. Look no further!
– Rachel Lopes

Laura and her team did an absolutely wonderful job with our new home. Our primary objective was to create a warm, inviting and sophisticated space. They listened to our needs, respected our preferences, considered our lifestyle and created a space that is beyond what we could have envisioned. They sourced pieces and fabrics we never could have found or imagined. And importantly, they did this while respecting our budget. We were so pleased with their work we decided to move beyond the scope of the original project to include an additional room. We highly recommend LMB Interiors.
– Steven Brown

Laura Martin Bovard and her team are amazing to work with and to help you style your home in a way that is comfortable and suits your personality. Our family has partnered with LMB Interiors on several homes. Laura is energetic, professional, listens and delivers white glove service to her clients. She has a great eye for style and can offer diversity in her approach. Laura is also eco-conscious and can source a wide-variety of products that suit each family.

We felt well taken care of in the process as it can often be stressful. The team at LMB Interiors are also professional and have great follow through which I value highly. The team ensures that you don’t have to worry; they manage all the details to ensure that you are thrilled with the final product.

We love our home thanks to LMB Interiors! I highly recommend partnering with Laura and her team.
– Wanda Cole Frieman

We have been working with Laura for the past 7 months after buying a house and having virtually no furniture or design direction. Laura’s level of knowledge and creativity around every aspect of our design project has far exceeded our expectations. Laura is very enjoyable to work with and her passion for design comes through in all our interactions with her. She has high quality resources and has been able to help us with paint, window coverings and multiple furniture pieces for numerous rooms. She is respectful of budget levels, but is also not afraid to show us something that may be above budget to give us the best possible option. The quality of her support staff is also top notch. Laura has helped turn an empty shell of a house into an inviting, warm and fashionable home that we enjoying spending time in.
– Nichole Hammond