Project Description

The Wolf – Oakland – Modern Classic

I believe that as you grow up, you go on a journey to discover what matters most to you, and then you show others what you learned. In my case, the lesson was how to come back home to yourself. This is what I do in my interior design work now. I bring people home to themselves by creating the beauty their hearts long for.

And I bring them together over the breaking of bread, at welcoming kitchen islands, in cozy and elegant dining rooms, with inviting seats around capacious tables both indoors and out. I believe in the power of food and beautiful design to bring people together, to create community. So does my sister, Rebekah Wood (who has opened three restaurants with her husband, Rich Wood).

Click this link to read the HERstory of the two sisters involved in this project, restaurateur Rebekah Wood and interior designer Laura Martin Bovard.

Click here to learn about how the artwork was selected for The Wolf.

And here to earn more about Charles Leonard, the artist who created the amazing decorative wall finishes featured in this project and view photos of his work in progress.

Visit The Wolf, Oakland online.

Location: Oakland, CA
Photos by Gillian Walsworth