Project Description

Ronald McDonald House At Stanford

On my personal journey to joy, prosperity and wholeness, perhaps most impactful lesson I have learned is that giving from the heart really is the only path to true fulfillment for me, and I would argue for humanity in general. If you have ever volunteered your time or shared your resources with people in need, I don’t have to tell you; you know how good it feels to give back.

And yet it bears repeating, how good it feels to care for other people. And how much our community and our society needs philanthropy. We are a tribe. If it weren’t for the generosity of humans taking care of one another, we wouldn’t survive and thrive.

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Read all about this project in, “Where Hope Has a Home,” San Francisco Cottages and Gardens Magazine, February 2016, By Anh-Minh Le.

Location: Palo Alto, CA
Photos by Eric Rorer