Project Description

Modern + Tudor Home Office

A formerly dark home office slash junk room becomes a fabulous base of operations for a chic and successful real estate CEO.

Blending our client’s elevated personal style with the grounded, powerful persona of her Oakland Hills Tudor home we transformed what was a drab library/office/junk room, and the resulting design is now bright, modern, and welcoming.

Balancing feminine and masculine, personal and powerful, the clean lines and pale-neutral palette are punctuated by our client’s beloved personal items and highlighted with shimmering gold accents. We removed and/or repainted most of the original, dark, wood details, keeping just the right amount to anchor the updated design to the grandeur of the home’s historic provenance. The patterned wallpaper felt like a risk to the client at first, and now, she will tell you, it turned out to be one of her favorite elements of the room.

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Location: Oakland Hills, CA
Photos: Mo Saito