Project Description

Mediterranean Home in Moraga

Manhattan has its charms—and challenges, namely crowds, noise, and close quarters. So when the home owners, a TV producer husband and Tech Exec wife and their two adorable children decided to leave the Big Apple and “Go West,” they traded their Manhattan mini for an expansive Mediterranean in Moraga in need of an integrated, room-by-room, before and after interior design approach.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and the recently purchased house was larger than anything the family had ever experienced. But the newly arrived New Yorkers had a well-envisioned idea of how they would create a home from a blank slate – and we were happy to translate their vision into reality.

From a tiny space in New York to an expansive manse in Moraga, read about this comprehensive room-by-room interior redesign.

Location: Moraga, CA
Photos: Ramona d’Viola.