Project Description

Curated Modern Mill Valley Renovation

Referred to this whole-house project by the architect Debbi Peterson in the very beginning stages, LMB Interiors created the interior design for a just-purchased 5-bedroom 4-bath home in Marin County that had been remodeled many times over the previous decades. LMBI held the vision for the furnishings, finishes, and art as Debbi revamped the kitchen and corrected the flow of the spaces.

Another key to the success of the project was balancing the clients’ opposite aesthetics; the wife’s style being very light and ethereal, the husband’s much more dark, moody, and dramatic. We met their desires in a marriage of design elements that complement each other as much as they do.

The couple enjoyed spending time visiting local artists’ and makers’ studios to select handmade, locally sourced, artisan touches; objects that have stories; pieces that spoke to their souls. As a result, their home is a beautiful reflection of who they are, has the “wow” factors they were looking for, and is set to support them with luxury and grace into their golden years.

Architect: Debbi Peterson, DPA
General Contractor: Paul Wojak
Photos: Mo Saito