Frequently I like to pause from the day-to-day “busy-ness” of life to reflect on the countless ways mine feels blessed. Often, I get caught up in the doing before realizing that life’s true fulfillment comes from the giving, as well as feeling grateful for what is right now – instead of living in the future of what might be.

As my self-realization expands, the more appreciative I am of life’s many gifts, and the more purposeful and intentional mine becomes. This past year provided me with numerous awakening moments – ups and downs – that led to meaningful growth. When things didn’t go quite as my ego wanted, I later recognized these instances as blessings in disguise, and guiding me to recognize what is truly important. Today, I am an active participant in creating a fulfilling and energy rich life.

My Gratitude List

At the top of my list is my amazing, loving, and astoundingly supportive family. This tiny universe of people, inspires and enables me to strive for my highest ideals as a mother and a wife. Watching my two children evolve into fully present, emotionally intelligent, empathetic and creative humans brings me untold joy (and a modicum of unbridled pride).

Walking beside me on this journey for the past 15 years, my incomparable husband and partner continues to provide the ideal masculine complement to my feminine energy. His strength buoys me in uncertain times, and anchors me when life gets challenging. The sum is greater than its parts, and together we inspire each other to be our best selves.

To my siblings, their partners, and all my nieces and nephews (we’re a big clan), I’m grateful you could all make time in your busy lives to share in more family dinners than ever before. I delight in your successes and accomplishments – especially my sister, Rebekah and her husband Rich Wood, who are embarking on their third restaurant in Oakland! You two are unrelenting. And to Thew, the come back kid who turned his life around and recently graduated from USF as a nurse. A true miracle.

The continued success of LMB Interiors this year allowed us to give back to our community in more meaningful ways than ever before. We were honored to be part of a team of contributors who created safe, comfortable and home-like environments for the deserving families at Stanford Ronald McDonald House.

Wherever there is success in business you can be sure there are many unseen heroes behind the scenes-no one does it on their own. Our heroes are our vendors who came through on so many levels this past year. Especially those who gave so generously for the Ronald McDonald House- Catherine Baldi of Arana Craftsman Painters who worked tirelessly on our rooms, Eli Berland who made beautiful entry benches, Jose Espinoza maker of head boards and Jill Stevens who covered the walls with beautiful wall paper. Alex Hodgkinson from McCutcheon Construction who along with my dear Scott Bovard, schlepped down to Palo Alto to install lighting and pull the room together with all the handy skill men like them have.

It is a great gift to find ones true calling in life. I’m blessed and gratified to work with an amazing team of talented designers, who bring their positive attitudes and formidable skills, to every endeavor – every day. We show our respect for each other’s intellect, creativity, and wicked senses of humor with daily expressions of love. With the help of our truth speaking business coach, Anna Scott, we have coalesced into a force of nature, creating amazing, transformative, and energy rich spaces for our clients to thrive in.

Lastly, I’m grateful for all the clients who have placed their trust in me and become dear friends along the way. Your enthusiastic support led my business to win Oakland Magazine’s “Best Interior Design Firm” award this past year, and for that we are truly grateful (and a little astonished!). Seeing the impact our work makes in your life, and the real pleasure derived from creating an authentic home for you, brings me unbelievable joy. May all your days be filled with happiness.

Today, mine is filled with gratitude. I wish you all a juicy, fun and successful year ahead and look forward to serving you and your friends and family in 2016.

Originally published in the Piedmont Post December 2015