Our clients weren’t “wowed” when they viewed their time-stamped 1940’s Piedmont home for the first time. Set beside a running creek surrounded by majestic redwoods, what the home lacked in stylishness was made up for in an idyllic, natural setting showcased via expansive picture windows. Imagining the potential that this home might have, they made the purchase, and hired LMB Interiors to help make the outdated home their own.

To create cohesion in the great room and personalize it for this family of four who love books, games, music, and travel, our approach divided the space into functional spaces – for reading and relaxing, playing the piano, or planning their next adventure abroad. We gave them an environment where they could gather together comfortably, enjoy the view, and each others company.

To complement the statement-making baby grand piano, we designed a floor-to-ceiling, custom-built bookshelf, beautifully crafted and installed by one of our vendor-partner woodworkers to span the width of the living room. Lit with picture lights, the bookshelf houses an impressive selection of tomes, along side the family’s collection of objets gathered on their many travels.

We designed the space using our client’s beloved hand knotted wool rug as anchor and inspiration, to unify the textiles and textures of the upholstery, and create a cozy, central gathering spot. A handcrafted custom-built dark walnut side table, balances the piano.

Behind the sofa, a side table, also hand-crafted and custom-built by our master cabinet maker, acts as a stage for matching sculptural lamps, which help to define the space and provide illumination for reading.

A round table, adjacent the newly-installed Nana door wall, provides another area to play board games, or enjoy a meal with friends.

As designers, we hold the aesthetic vision of the design concept as one element of the overall project. In the kitchen, we enhanced the architect’s concept by collaborating with our clients on which materials and finishes would best complement the color palette in the great room.

This continuity of colors, textures and materials provided a cohesive visual flow throughout the environment, for a beautiful and harmonious home.

Photography: Ramona d’Viola

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