Laura, Queen of Walls: A Links Compendium

We’ve been featuring walls in our conversations with you on our blog, and we’ve been featured other places regarding this topic as well.

A few thoughts on walls, and how to adorn them:

Our feelings about Gallery Walls and other design trends were captured in a recent interview for Frameology, an online framing service. Click here to read more:

The above image from our client’s glam remodel shows how a gallery wall can be the best thing to happen to your kitchen.

Our opinion on painting your walls gray was featured in this article by Mary Jo Bolling, in Curbed

Just one post ago, we schooled you on decorative wall finishes (as we were schooled, a.k.a. from skeptics to believers):

And rolling back through our archives, the info we gave you about wall coverings once upon a time is still relevant:

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