We’ve been featuring walls in our conversations with you on our blog, and we’ve been featured other places regarding this topic as well.

A few thoughts on walls, and how to adorn them:

Our feelings about Gallery Walls and other design trends were captured in a recent interview for Frameology, an online framing service. Click here to read more: http://www.frameology.com/blog/7-interior-designers-on-investing-in-furniture-design-trends-and-wall-dcor

The above image from our client’s glam remodel shows how a gallery wall can be the best thing to happen to your kitchen.

Our opinion on painting your walls gray was featured in this article by Mary Jo Bolling, in Curbedhttp://www.curbed.com/2016/11/30/13769630/best-gray-paint

Just one post ago, we schooled you on decorative wall finishes (as we were schooled, a.k.a. from skeptics to believers): https://www.lmbinteriors.com/restaurant-design/decorative-wall-finishes-revelation-sponge-paint-stencil/

And rolling back through our archives, the info we gave you about wall coverings once upon a time is still relevant: https://www.lmbinteriors.com/interior-design/modern-wall-treatments-not-your-moms-wallpaper/