This Moroccan-style guest bedroom, turned a boring extra space into a trip to Marrakech with a fabricated valance and custom embroidered drapery panels, adding a little “Arabian Nights” drama to an under-utilized space – with nice, high ceilings.

We took our inspiration from the homeowner’s love of fashion, design, and international travel, and paired vintage accessories, artwork and sultry furnishings to create a welcoming respite for a weary, world traveler. Beneath the custom-made valance, twin, mother-of-pearl inlaid mirrors frame the bed on mismatched side tables, adding sparkle and just the right amount of Moroccan mood.

Bedside detail

Adding whimsy to the guest bedroom, Victorian-era skirt hoops encircle a 1940’s Parisian dressmaker’s form to create an intriguing sculpture just meant for the space.

Moroccan Guest Bedroom

Our palette consisted of subtle shades of lavender, smoky pinks, muted browns and neutrals. Understated, yet feminine, the colors are found layered throughout the guest bedroom in a range of textures. Sensuously soft linens and finely embroidered silk draperies anchored by a durable, natural fiber rug.

Convenient bench seating at the foot of the bed, and a comfortable reading chair make the room functional, and homey, while a multi-faceted, cut glass vintage star chandelier illuminates the room when the sun goes down.

Photographer: Scott Hargis

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