Modern Bachelor Pad — In Living Color

While we adore all of our clients and the beautiful structures which we help fill and adorn, like a parent adores all of their children, this recent mid-century modern interior design project was a particular delight.

This client, a smart, energetic, creative, happy person, a man who, in-person, presents as refined and understated — he wanted color. Lots of color. When we introduced some color, he wanted even more color: Bright pops; lively art.

In fact, it started with the art.

High end interior modern design, hall with abstract painting, wooden bench.

Bench by Jiun Ho; Painting by Maria Burtis, via SLATE

This new homeowner was shopping at SLATE for art one day… many people choose art as the finishing touches to an interior design project, however this man had not yet hired a designer.

He mentioned his predicament to SLATE principal partner (and our dear partner in art sourcing) Danielle Fox, and she promptly referred him to us.

At the time that we began our work, the client and his architect, Jack Backus, had finished up a massive remodel, a thoughtful and thorough update of the elegant, iconic mid-century structure (originally designed by Ratcliff & Ratcliff) for modern 21st-century living.

Mid century home wealth interior design, San Francisco interior designer.

And when we say, “the client and his architect” — we mean it. In his professional life, our client owns a metal fabrication company; given his skills and knowledge of engineering, build, and production, he elected to act as contractor on the project.

His eye for metal and form made its way into some of our furniture selections, in particular the coffee table in the living room, fabricated and sold locally by Turtle and Hare.

Modern chic interior designed living room, Palo Alto interior designer.

Painting over living room sofa by Joanne Fox via SLATE

Color for miles: One of our favorite aspects of the project was the long hallway. By choosing to put nothing on the walls, and adorning the length of floor with an amazing, vibrant, patterned rug, we created a perfect venue. The rug (via STARK) stands out, drawing attention to the art on the floor.

Endless modern rug for mid century hallway, Beverly Hills interior designer.

Endless rug by Decorative Carpets by STARK

In fact, the rugs in each room were as thoughtfully selected for color and design as the art on the walls. In total, on this project, we designed and decorated the living room, family room, master bedroom, and back patio. (View our complete portfolio of this project, here.)

While my design firm is known for our work with traditional and transitional architecture, and we love those projects, I think it is clear from this project that Modern is also our cup of tea.

If you have a Modern house and are thinking about how to make it more vibrantly YOU, contact us for a consultation.

All photos by Eric Rorer

A version of this article appeared in the Piedmont Post.

Additional details in photos, above: Dining Room: Large statement rug by STARK; Living Room: Painting over sofa by Joanne Fox, via SLATE. Custom coffee table design specs by LMBI, fabrication by Turtle and Hare, with steel legs fabricated by our client’s metal manufacturing company. Rug by Scott Group Studio — Hokanson












  1. christine mattsson October 2, 2017 at 3:56 pm - Reply

    Laura, this is stunning work. I love the color in the rugs and art. The kitchen is sleek and clean. What an inspired job you and your team delivered to this lucky client.

    • Laura Martin Bovard October 2, 2017 at 4:39 pm - Reply

      Thank you, Christine. Knowing your love of color and pattern, and of styling for men, this compliment is especially appreciated.

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