What a delight to see two months’ worth of work come together in one hour-long episode of television on Wednesday night! Transformation! We love it.

Season 6, Episode 1 of HGTV’s Brother vs. Brother, San Francisco premiered, with yours truly in my supporting role as Lead Designer on Team Drew!

Savvy design project veterans know that, in real life, we don’t demo and design a house one room at a time, but for reality TV, how much fun would it be if the six episodes unfolded how we live the process? One entire hour on demo, one hour on drywall and window installation…


For TV — each week, the design transformations are revealed room-by-room. Each week is also a competition between the two Brothers’ rooms for best design. With the final overall winner being based on which house sells for the most profit.

All proceeds from the sales of both houses go to charity. You know how much we at LMB Interiors approve of that. Philanthropy as a byproduct of entertainment? Yes.

In the beginning, we have: The Living Room!

Our inspiration for this room was the original, classic California-Ranch style architecture of the home and its proximity to the wine country. We went with a rustic, organic feel, layering textures, both visual and tactile.

Spoiler alert: In this episode, the first competition — Team Drew WON!

(It’s not really a spoiler, since this episode has already aired.)

The transformation, as seen on TV: From dark, drab and outdated…

To light, bright, and beautiful!

Each episode/room’s contents will be featured on Wayfair, so viewers can actually shop the items we chose.

Talk about reality TV.

Savvy followers of my blog may remember an article I wrote not too long ago about where to put your flatscreen TV (hint, it’s not over the fireplace). That blog post may have been referred to in conversations between Drew, LMBI designer Julia Cook who participated with me on this project, and I, during the remodeling and interior design of this California-Ranch-Style home.

Behind The Art: We did have the space above the fireplace wired for a flatscreen TV, just in case the new homeowner does end up wanting one there, despite our best advice.

Fun-fact / Extra detail:

This wasn’t discussed specifically in the episode, so for you, dear reader… This is the wing wall that was removed to create more light and flow — and this is the outdated chandelier and door that were removed and replaced.

Tune in next Wednesday at 9pm to see more rooms, more design, and more friendly competition.

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Click here to view a short video of moments from our premiere watch party: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17938853221075180/