Manhattan has its charms—and challenges, namely crowds, noise, and close quarters. So when the home owners, a TV producer husband and Tech Exec wife and their two adorable children decided to leave the Big Apple and “Go West,” they traded their Manhattan mini for an expansive Mediterranean in Moraga in need of an integrated, room-by-room, before and after interior design approach.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and the recently purchased house was larger than anything the family had ever experienced. But the newly arrived New Yorkers had a well-envisioned idea of how they would create a home from a blank slate – and we were happy to translate their vision into reality.

Entering the house through hand-carved oak doors, exposed timber beams cross the great room’s ceiling, and gives the space weight. On this “Old World” framework we layered natural fibers and fabrics in calm, understated cool blues and tactile neutrals to create a lush texture-scape in a sun washed room.

Repetitive shapes and patterns are picked up in materials, colors and prints to harmonize the living and dining room, as well as providing visual continuity. Two large mirrors frame an updated gas fireplace, bringing light and abstracted reflections into the open room. Matching coffee tables use a polished version of the travertine surrounding the fireplace to create a continuum in stone, all grounded by a natural fiber rug. This calm, inviting decor conveys a comfortable California ethos while maintaining its Mediterranean heritage.

The western wing of the home is a large kitchen, dining, and living area closer to the kid’s rooms. It’s where the family lets their hair down to curl up on oversized sectionals among comfy, custom pillows, in the glow of an updated gas burning fireplace. Also custom designed, an oversized leather ottoman, large enough for even short legs to reach from the sofa, offers comfort and convenience – with an easy to clean surface. For the couple who love to cook and entertain, it was important that their interiors and furnishings be kid friendly, yet still retain a casual elegance.

The sectional, designed for fireside chats with the family – or watching Daddy’s TV shows – is configured in a convivial L-shape and set away from the room’s perimeter for more intimacy. Opposite the couch, we updated and styled an existing built-in bookshelf, de-emphasizing the flat screen TV with family photos and treasured objects.

Located in the northern wing of the home, the couple’s expansive master suite needed defining. A cozy sectional faces the flat screen TV, and carves out a spot for them to watch a movie or favorite show. The TV is also mounted to the wall on a swivel arm should the couple choose to watch a movie from their bed.

Textured wall treatments and custom window coverings, in cool shades of grey, were brightened with persimmon and coral. A luxurious king size bed, with padded fabric headboard is flanked by twin lacquered bed stands – a nod to the couple’s love of hotel glam.

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