Getting to do what I love has never been more fulfilling than it has been over the past two years. The self care practices I’ve incorporated during that time have me rockin’ life—so it’s no wonder the clients I am attracting are amazing, accomplished, fun, and dynamic people. (I am a HUGE believer and practitioner of the Law of Attraction, so if that’s your religion too, we’ve got stuff to talk about!)

Cool clients in the spotlight this month: The Johnsons and their beautiful Piedmont dream home. Cory Johnson, editor-at-large for Bloomberg Television, and his painfully-lovely wife Mimi—whom I had the pleasure of teaching with side by side at the fun, hip and wildly popular ballet barre workout spot The Dailey Method in Piedmont (we say Piedmont but truthfully it’s in Oaktown baby)—visioned this Revival Craftsman house from the ground up.

Architect Rob Kelly and builder Jeff Reuvekamp were the talented professionals teamed up to bring the Johnsons’ vision into reality. We at LMB Interiors deeply enjoyed getting to know them and having firsthand experience of exactly how smoothly projects can go when our clients hire skilled individuals who offer such a high level of expertise and work together as an integrated whole.

Another image, after completion:

Our role in the project was to bring the beauty, via selection of lighting, finishes and paint colors throughout their home. LMBI Senior Designer Andi Yablonski and I worked together with Mimi and Cory to select the materials, hues, and textures that would be most pleasing to them as well as most reflective of who they are and what they wanted to create.

The City of Piedmont awarded the Johnson’s project, “Best Newly Built Home” in the Revival Craftsman category for 2012.

We couldn’t agree more.

Here is a shot of the kitchen in teardown mode:

And in BEAUTY mode, After:

Master bath during:

And after:

Congratulations to Mimi, Cory, Rob, Jeff, and… us for receiving the commendation from the City of Piedmont. Of course, the true winners are Mimi and Cory, who now get to enjoy living in the home of their dream-made-real, every day.