Stanford Ronald McDonald House "Where Hope has a Home"Help us Reach our Fund Raising Goal

Are you one of the generous hearts who has supported our efforts to create welcoming, cozy and functional spaces in the new wing of the Stanford Ronald McDonald House? If so, THANK YOU! We are grateful for your contribution and know that you are asked often to contribute, and so appreciative that the community has given to our cause. If you’ve been thinking of giving and just haven’t gotten around to it, this is a plea for your support.

We really need your help. We are down to the final installation and our expenses are rolling in. We feel fortunate to have raised 15K so far, but it’s far below our goal of $40K. If you know of any families who have benefited from the support of Ronald McDonald House while their children wait for an organ, a surgery, or some other critical treatment, then you know how important it is for these families have a comfortable, home-like place to stay together during a truly heart wrenching time.

This has been an eye opening journey for me. I’ll never take the health of my children, or any child that is dear to me, for granted. Life can change in an instant. I would only hope that if I should ever need it, there are loving people to support our family, and give us shelter like the saints at the Ronald McDonald House.

Time is of the essence and I hope you will consider giving now. Please make a donation — and thank you for bearing with me as we have gone through so many rounds of asking. I am grateful for the support of our generous community, and appreciate that we have gotten to participate in this important project.

With heart,


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