Ever wondered what happens to the used furniture after our interior transformations? When furnishings clearly have life left in them, we recycle, repurpose or “re-home” them. We love keeping something in service, reducing waste, and helping our clients help others – it’s a win/win for everyone.

Waste not, want not, right? My belief in the laws of attraction played out last week.

This year, designer Joey Leanne Yoder led the team in increasing our support of Oakland Elizabeth House — a transitional program for women with children who have experienced homelessness, violence, addiction, or poverty—by adopting a deserving family of four.

Amina and her children were settling in after moving to their own apartment, yet still in need of some essential household goods. Through Joey’s efforts within her community, our generous friends and clients, we were able to gather furniture, kitchen-wares, bedding, clothing—and holiday gifts for the kids. A set of twin beds that would fit a small bedroom was all that was needed.

The following week one of our clients asked us if we knew of anyone who could use a trundle bed her children had outgrown.

Indeed we did.

The sturdy, well-crafted bed was the perfect solution for a tiny space shared by two. Amina’s family responded with a beautiful letter of thanks to all who had helped her family turn a house into a home.

There is bounty in abundance in our community, and when we ask, we receive.

We too want to express our sincerest gratitude to those who generously contributed at our holiday party. We still have a little way to go to meet our goal of raising $5000. If you can spare a little, or a lot, we encourage you to donate to Oakland Elizabeth House – for the holidays, or as an ongoing subscriber. And, your contributions are all tax deductible. See, I told you it was a win/win!

You can help families regain their dignity and independence — and give them the priceless gift of hope.

Thank you, one and all – we wish you a joyous holiday!