Expressing Gratitude – Our Heartfelt Thanks

Expressing Gratitude – Our Heartfelt Thanks for 2013

I can feel the pull of this time of year with wanting to get it all done in time for the holidays and the inevitable stress that starts to creep in — shortened breath, tight shoulders, lower mental mind chatter asserting punishing phrases about how I could do more, be more to more people, write more, spend more time with my kids, blah, blah, blah. When I find myself in this state of mind, I pause and practice expressing my gratitude.

After so many years of being committed to living a life of joy and self reflection I’ve managed to train myself so when that happens, and it sometimes does, that it’s time to slow it down with a few long, slow deep breaths and some kind of movement to lift my energy. When I remember to use my self care tools and let go of trying to control, things actually fall into place more effortlessly giving merit to my favorite quote, “the solution is in the problem”.

I was recently reminded by my coach (one of the people for whom I am most deeply grateful) that so long as an expression or a gift is heartfelt, that’s all that matters. The energy behind it is what creates the connection, not the actual gift. My friend Tisa, from Mouse and Fork Gifts says it perfectly in this article she read to our business network group this week.

So here it is. Thank you. Thank you for being a community of supportive, encouraging and high integrity people. Thank you for sending your friends and family to our doors to create beauty in their lives and trusting us to make it happen, thank you for all of the challenges your projects have brought to help me grow as a business owner and a person this past year, thank you for believing in me and thank you for having huge hearts.

2013 brought the happy realization that it’s the simplest things that bring the greatest pleasure and here’s my list for this year:

10. Finding the perfect thing for a project right when I need it

9. Eating nutrient dense, organic food

8. A smile from a stranger

7. That satisfied feeling after a great workout.

6. Helping shift someone’s perspective

5. After and Before images pictures of a project (here’s a sneak peak of next month’s project, a Rockridge Bungalow makeover)

Photo Jan 11, 3 23 01 PM

4. Walking into my new office and seeing the smiling faces of the beautiful women I work with


3. Walks on a trail with a friend and my dog

2. The pure joy and happiness I feel after leaving Dr. Liz’s office

1. Time together, especially over food, with my family-immediate and extended


I’d love to hear what you were grateful for 2013 and if you crave walking on a beautiful trail in 2014 let me know and I’ll show you my favorite one.

On behalf of me and our team I wish all of you a holiday filled with more joy, delight and play.




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