Laura Martin Bovard in her Oakland interior design office

Is it possible to talk about gratitude too much? It’s certainly one of my favorite topics at any time of year. And as we flow into Thanksgiving this week, I’m on it again.

In this moment, I am experiencing gratitude for so many things, especially people. My staff, in particular.

I am grateful to and for my team, how they have navigated Covid and continue to show up for me, for us, and our clients, every day, in the face of all the stressors; how they have stretched and grown this year; how being their leader continues to grow me.

One of the reasons I talk about gratitude so much is because it’s easy to look for what’s wrong. I feel like as a culture we humans are just so very adept at this. It’s less easy or automatic to appreciate what is right in the world, to notice what we do have.

I don’t take for granted that I am in an industry that is still getting work. I am grateful that I get to keep my staff employed and my clients served.

And you might guess I’m also grateful for the slowing down, the increased hours of quiet. As a parent, I’m feeling grateful for how the slowdown has given us more time with our teenagers. Not that long ago, they were off to the races — and now, more often they are actually hanging out at home with us.

I’m feeling super-grateful for having the tools that enable me to feel calm and get through all of this. Sure, I’ve had my moments, but overall, my capacity for self-inquiry and my spiritual practices enable me to avoid or more quickly move through the fears and anxieties that can arise; my life is very calm — relatively speaking.

Even though sometimes, (like last week!) I feel like I am the storm, I am, most of the time, the eye of the storm; I am grateful that I can be a grounded presence for those around me.

My gratitude list:

My team
The slowdown
Getting to do my own remodel (and experiencing firsthand what it’s like for my clients)
Joe Biden will soon take office as President
I have found what brings me joy: being a Beauty Maker; I get to work in a profession that people love the results of
I am grateful for getting older and knowing myself on a much deeper level
My family

Gratitude expands our capacity for appreciating beauty and feeling peace. So play along with me, won’t you? Right at this moment, what are you grateful for?