This post is inspired by Danielle LaPorte, who I have mentioned here as one of the masters who impacted my life in significant ways. Reading her posts inspires me to be a better person, more true to me and therefore more able to serve others from a place of joy and authenticity. So, are you living a quality life?

ANSWER THE BURNING QUESTION: What in your life do you want to be of the highest quality? (go here to read the full post)

“Choosing quality is an investment in your best self. It frequently requires patience. It always requires love.” Danielle LaPorte

Is it crazy to say I want everything to be of quality? Anything worth having is worth waiting for. If you can’t afford the thing you want, wait for it. Save for it, make yourself yearn for it. Our culture dictates we can have what we want when we want it. But if there’s any wisdom of life that I have gained through my experience as an interior designer, it is that when people wait to start their project until they have the means to do it right, the outcome consistently has more heart, more depth, more authenticity and therefore more quality.

The inherent nature of the materials we use in a space determines whether the space will feel fake or real. Imagine the effect: Polyester instead of cotton, silk, or linen; laminate floors instead of wood; faux tiles—porcelain that looks like stone but isn’t; reproduction “art” that has been silk-screened onto canvas, voiding it of any heart.

And let’s not forget the fake flowers. Or rather, please, forget the fake flowers! Use of plastic plants insults the senses and is simply a crime against nature!

We don’t have to do it perfectly. However, carefully and lovingly choosing the items with which we adorn and inhabit our lives has a powerful, lasting effect on ourselves and everyone around us.