Make All of your Rooms Livable

Most homes constructed up until about the last decade or so have some kind of formal living room. Granted, it can be nice to have a separate space for entertaining but this room could also be a room you use!

If your guests, your family, and even you are petrified to set foot in your living room because it is over-designed and full of precious objects that can’t be touched, no one is going to be able to relax and want to spend time there. In fact, having a living room that is anything-but can create a lifeless and unfriendly feeling in the home.

What if you had a “livable” living room?

The right design, employing a balance of beauty and function in your furniture and décor, can make your formal living room an environment that draws people in and makes them feel welcome, adding to the overall enjoyment of your home.

May 1st, 2011|Designer Tips, Living Room|

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Laura Martin Bovard

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