Whether LMB Interiors is designing a Mid-Century Piedmont rancher, a Napa Valley estate or an elegant apartment in the Millennium Tower, our talent and our delight is in interpreting our clients’ dreams and breathing them into reality. We put our skills to in transforming a cave-like room, into a classy, cosmo hangout.

Recently, one of my clients told me, “Laura, when we worked together I felt like you were reading my mind.”


I love being an interior designer because I get to help clients truly inhabit their homes. Together, we create environments that reflect who they are and how they want to live.

This particular client was expressing what many of my clients have also reported, and that is that I get them. I listen with my heart. I take my clients’ ideas and all that they tell me they want, and I put it together into a timeless, cohesive expression of each person’s gorgeous essence.

Another example: My client was the wife in a newly married couple. Her husband brought three children to the union; two of his kids are grown, but one is still a teenager. The couple’s coming together marked the end of a tumultuous period in everyone’s lives. The wife wanted to create a space that would be a restful, harmonious environment for all of them, after everything that they had been through.

She longed to create a home that would allow her new husband and children to feel completely accepted, a warm, comforting and safe place for them to build a new life together.

During our first meeting, as Kay and I stood in the media room, she burst into tears. I learned that she had previously hired not one, but two designers to help her accomplish her goal, and that it had not gone well; the second only making worse the first’s mistakes.

One of Kay’s highest personal values is for those around her to feel happy and welcome. She was utterly distraught that, after all that she had hired others to do for her, she seemed to be further behind in her goal than when she had started.

Now it was time to rectify the problem.

I listened to what she wanted, particularly how she wanted her home to feel. We considered her vision in relation to her budget. Piece-by-piece and color-by-color we are lovingly shaping her once fragmented and disjointed rooms into the modern, organic environments she was hoping for.

Not only does she love our work, but her husband loves it too.

Below, are photos of the Living Room and Master Bedroom, now completed. (Other rooms, including the media room, will be added to this post as we continue the transformation.)

Laura Martin Bovard, Interior DesignLiving room after the transformation

Living Room: before we began

sideboardAlso after: custom sideboard by Thomas Featherston

Laura Martin Bovard, Interior DesignAfter: master bedroom

Before: master bedroom before LMB Interiors (but after the other designers)