About Laura Martin Bovard, Principal

While I was growing up, my family moved frequently due to my father’s work, uprooting and re-rooting my siblings and me in new locales. I experienced on a visceral level how the way we decorate our homes can give one a sense of belonging, of ease, and how doing it sooner than later allowed us to settle in and get on with the important stuff of life.

In my teens, under the tutelage of a very elegant and stylish mentor I discovered a passion for art and design. And later, as an English major at U.C. Berkeley, I began a romance with the world of fine dining and wines, by immersing myself in the restaurant industry, when not studying or decorating my apartment.

All of which led me to travel in France and Italy — for the art, food, and wine. In Europe, I became even more conscious of how design and culture intersect; how we weave the threads of our personal lives and our culture into a rich tapestry that makes up our environment and that is what I strive to bring to my client’s lives.

These powerful experiences formed the foundation of my core values as an interior designer: creating welcoming havens of beauty, comfort and grace that call us to perform the rituals of home and community — connecting with others, cooking together, dining together, playing, relaxing.

When I am not designing homes and restaurants I enjoy creating energy rich life experiences like cooking and exercising with my friends and family and practicing the art of self-care with focused intention.

I started LMB Interiors when I was pregnant with my first child over a decade ago. My sole proprietorship, which began in my dining room, has grown into a firm of talented, dynamic, designers who share my values of authenticity, warmth, and a classic, timeless and livable approach to interior design.

Together, we complement one another’s contributions to the whole, with a deep appreciation for our individuality, while allowing each other to thrive in a culture of creativity, collaboration and kindness. We create beautiful environments where love, family and community can flourish.

We seek clients who share our quest for what is real, true, and genuine. We are elated to share the magic we’ve created — just for them. Our purpose is fulfilled when we see the positive impact it makes in their lives.

Laura Martin Bovard Interiors