Before and After: Loft Beds, Bathroom, and Laundry Room in Tahoe Vacation Home

Before and after photos of a former laundry and exercise room, transformed into a beautiful and welcoming bunk bedroom for family and friends, with separate laundry closet, and brand new guest bathroom where a little nook with bookcases used to be, at our client’s lovely vacation home in Lake Tahoe, California.

This remodel also features eco-friendly materials, for the […]

Performance Fabrics & Finishes for Kids, Dogs & High Traffic Areas

Performance Leather & Finishes – Design Dilemma Solved

Natural fabrics and fibers are usually my first choice when selecting and specifying materials for any interior design project. I believe organic elements in the home are more harmonious and healthy, improving – and preserving – the environment inside and out. However, there are times when a man-made […]