In my mission statement for my firm, LMB Interiors, I talk about how we seek clients who share our appreciation for what is real, true, and genuine.

Over the years, I have continued to beat this steady drum; my conviction that quality is paramount to an authentic, welcoming home. From fresh flowers (NOT fake!), to choosing handmade and artisanal furnishings, objets, and artwork over mass-produced. These things matter. They affect us on a cellular level and if you don’t believe me just notice the next time you walk into a room that makes you feel really good and see if the items there are made by artists and craftsmen or by machines. We can feel it when we walk into a space that has been decorated in alignment with quality.

In this strange, transitional time, as sheltering close to home continues, I am hearing this more and more, from friends and clients, as well as experiencing it on an even deeper level for myself — we are noticing the effects of being around things that are less than quality.

Additionally, we are noticing how clutter, another way that we may engage with objects at a lower vibration, drags our energy down.

Things have impact, energetically on our well being. So why not choose the things that have a higher level of quality?

This is why the interior design industry is experiencing a surge right now. People are feeling this phenomenon. We can’t avoid the way our spaces feel, and the natural response is to make a change.

In light of this universal human impulse towards growth, many people are reaching out to us during this time, past and new clients, to help. Interior design and the building industry are both experiencing a welcome influx of work.

Our firm has been extraordinarily busy lately, and for this we are grateful. We recently completed a project which we are happy to feature on our portfolio.

This home is a historically-significant Mediterranean — one of our favorite architectural styles to work with. California Mediterraneans lend themselves to enlivening and modern updates, as long as the timelessness of the elegant, welcoming, and impressive structure of the original home is honored and respected.

And without question, a home like that, with such incredible bones, deserves high-quality furnishings and finishes. Anything less would feel jarring.

Another Mediterranean whole-house design that we recently completed and added to our portfolio features a particularly stunning handcrafted refectory table (from Alfonso Marina via Hewn SF).

For this piece, we all had to tap into a reservoir of patience. A piece like this does not just arrive via next-day air! This is quality, shows the hand of the maker. A piece that has presence, and transforms a hallway, without question. Furnishings like this turn spaces that might have been ignored into stunning moments.

Beauty like this is spiritual. It invites us to pause and reflect. To experience awe. To sigh. You can’t rush beauty. It unfolds. Like a flower.

I wonder what it will be like when we are through this pandemic. Will we rush back to our old ways, and scramble to “recover”? Or will this slower time become a touchstone, reminding us to breathe and allowing ourselves to heal from our addiction to immediacy and urgency?

I hope so. Creativity flows in through the quiet windows, in the pondering hours.

It seems odd to mention, because who knows how we will celebrate the holidays this coming winter. But, the truth is, if you have any thoughts about having your home transformed in time for the holidays, now is the time to start. Please get in touch with us soon.