Who doesn’t love a good before-and-after comparison? This is one of our favorites! We love the remarkable transformation.

We have the fondest memories of working closely with our client on the renovations as we polished this gem of a home into the stately presence it is today. We think the whole house now reflects his warmth and grace–and creates a welcoming and comfortable place for his family and friends.

This classic, Spanish Mediterranean home with beautiful energy just needed a little love to make it shine.

First order of business: We ditched all of the ’80s faux, in favor of timeless finishes.

Next, we sourced furniture that accentuated the stately, elegant vibe. We view lighting like jewelry; the more beautiful it is, the more magnificent it makes the outfit. Thus we adorned the dining room with this Moroccan chandelier — a piece that had been hand-carved with a jeweler’s tool over many months. The resulting filigree casts exquisite shadows on the ceiling, creating drama and excitement.

Hand-Tooled Moroccan Chandelier

The “Before” picture (below) shows our client’s dining room as it looked when the house was inhabited by the previous owners.

And here is another view of the finished product. So much nicer…

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