LMB Interiors is a top interior design firm in Oakland, California, offering award-winning interior design services for historic and modern homes (Tudor, Mediterranean, Eichler, Mid-Century Modern, California Ranch-Style, and more) as well as condominiums, home-offices, high-end restaurants, and commercial spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Creating a beautiful home supports us in creating a beautiful life. We take your vision, who you are, what you love, and who you are becoming, and channel that into an environment that is welcoming, inspiring, and restorative.

We prioritize “green design.” To us, this means working with local contractors, artisans, and vendors, using the most eco-friendly earth-conscious materials and practices available, and focusing on items that are handmade, organic, and authentic.

At LMB Interiors, we seek clients who are aligned with our quest for what is real, true, and genuine. We are elated to share the magic we create — just for you. Our purpose is fulfilled when we see the positive impact our work makes in our clients’ lives.

If you’re looking for a full-service interior design firm in the San Francisco Bay Area, contact us today.

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Eichlers can be so livable, bright, and welcoming. The quintessential California classic. View more photos from this San Rafael project at the link in bio. #comehometoyourSelf ...

This dreamy basement has hidden speakers and a drop-down projection screen, so our question to @msvicasinteriors is: when's movie night? #comehometoyourSelf ...

I’ve got a thing for corners that invite quiet time. And this one sports my favorite chair! Lovely curation @monicafrieddesign ...

To me, a “perfectly” designed home is one that allows our guests—and us—to feel “at home”; to be who we truly are. When that happens, you know that you have finally #comehometoyourSelf. ...

Fast, cheap, or good. In our fast moving society, we are sometimes lulled into thinking that if we see something we like, we should be able to have it right now — and for cheap. I have witnessed this mentality in meetings with potential clients. They review my portfolio and say, “I love your work! I want my home to be this beautiful, to only cost this much — and I want it right away.”

To which I say, “Really?!”

Here’s the LMB wisdom… You can have it beautiful, you can have it relatively soon, OR you can have it in the budget you want, but you cannot have all three. And usually you have to pick the top priority. Do you agree or disagree? Head to the link in bio to learn more about what's called the "Iron Triangle Theory" of project management.

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