LMB Interiors is a top interior design firm in Oakland, California, offering award-winning interior design services for historic and modern homes (Tudor, Mediterranean, Eichler, Mid-Century Modern, California Ranch-Style, and more) as well as condominiums, home-offices, high-end restaurants, and commercial spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Creating a beautiful home supports us in creating a beautiful life. We take your vision, who you are, what you love, and who you are becoming, and channel that into an environment that is welcoming, inspiring, and restorative.

We prioritize “green design.” To us, this means working with local contractors, artisans, and vendors, using the most eco-friendly earth-conscious materials and practices available, and focusing on items that are handmade, organic, and authentic.

At LMB Interiors, we seek clients who are aligned with our quest for what is real, true, and genuine. We are elated to share the magic we create — just for you. Our purpose is fulfilled when we see the positive impact our work makes in our clients’ lives.

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I have always been a fan of banquettes and I love this one for the bold choice of yellow leather. Something about them says “weekend” which then makes me think of family breakfast, farmers market and laundry. I am appreciating the memories of ample freedom and simple pleasures pre- Shelter in Place. This downtime is creating different kinds of memories though and is allowing deeper levels of gratitude for practicing creating beauty for others. Stay well good humans...#comehometoyourSelf ...

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I can imagine that many of you are wishing for an improved home office right about now. We have another month of shelter in place and that gives us just enough time to redesign your home office virtually so that when you need to work from home again it’s all ready for your creative and productive alone time. Give us a shout if we can offer hourly consultation via Zoom to launch your home office project. Just ask @vboakland how a dedicated, welcoming home office can support you in your growth be it emotional, business or creative - a high functioning beautiful home office is where it’s at.// ✨✨ #comehometoyourSelf ...

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Good things come to those who wait... I’ve been pondering what it will be like when we are through this pandemic. Will we rush back to it and scramble to “recover”? It requires patience to wait for artisans to handcraft beautiful pieces like this refractory table from @alfonsomarinamx via @hewnsf and the energetic abstract oil painting hanging above it that required artist @tannerhalestudio to invest time and talent. Will this slower time remind us to breathe and allow us to heal from our addiction to immediacy and urgency? I hope so. Creativity flows in the quiet windows, in the pondering hours. You can’t rush beauty. It unfolds-like a flower. //✨#comehometoyourSelf ...

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The fun thing about interior design is that if it’s done well it lasts. This moment was created many years ago but I still love it. There are a lot of moments that have passed that I’m treasuring the memory of these days. ✨✨I hope you are accessing gratitude for what is good and right about the transformation we are going through✨✨#comehometoyourSelf #wecandohardthings ...

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This time is reminding me that most woke humans want to live from their hearts. Even when we aren’t always doing so, we know we want to. ✨✨Many of us are spending enormous amounts of time at home right now. Take a look around, do your spaces reflect who you want to be in this world? ✨✨Our homes should support us in being our authentic selves so that we feel spacious enough to give and to care for others. Do you love everything you see from where you sit? Is it time to shift and move things around? If so we are here for you. Zoom is working so well for remote design sessions. ✨✨We are in a time of deep reflection. If you are in need of spiritual inspiration please follow me over @divinehustler //✨#comehometoyourSelf ...

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Where does this take us next? The energetic of this virus is validating that we are indeed all connected. It knows no boundary. Like the astronauts said-One human race. How can we use this time to connect? Please tag if you know the origins of this beautiful staircase. //✨#comehometoyourSelf ...

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