LMB Interiors is a top interior design firm in Oakland, California, offering award-winning interior design services for historic and modern homes (Tudor, Mediterranean, Eichler, Mid-Century Modern, California Ranch-Style, and more) as well as condominiums, home-offices, high-end restaurants, and commercial spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Creating a beautiful home supports us in creating a beautiful life. We take your vision, who you are, what you love, and who you are becoming, and channel that into an environment that is welcoming, inspiring, and restorative.

We prioritize “green design.” To us, this means working with local contractors, artisans, and vendors, using the most eco-friendly earth-conscious materials and practices available, and focusing on items that are handmade, organic, and authentic.

At LMB Interiors, we seek clients who are aligned with our quest for what is real, true, and genuine. We are elated to share the magic we create — just for you. Our purpose is fulfilled when we see the positive impact our work makes in our clients’ lives.

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If you're looking for a sign to follow that voice, this is it! ✨ #comehometoyourSelf ...

Is Mid-Century Modern right for you? If you tend towards restraint, if you have Nordic/Danish roots, then of course. But even if that is not you on first glance, this is an aesthetic that plays well with individual tastes.

When you bring in your finds, your beloved objects become the things that create the energy in the space. Opportunities abound to imprint your personality. Want to learn more about our sources for the soft goods and furnishings we used in this fabulous Modern Eichler? View our bio link! #comehometoyourSelf

Photorapher: Suzanna Scott
Art: Elise Morris
Galleria: Slate Gallery

Weekend vibes coming to you from @jenniferrobininteriors . What a sweet little moment! I long for quiet and solitude and this conjures up all those good feelings...✨✨

When we search for home furnishings, we often ask ourselves: How is it an expression of our client, and will it create a space to invite people to engage in connection through conversation? This large sofa, shared by Michelle Manzini on Pinterest seems like an invitation to do just that and who couldn't use some in person connection these days?! ✨ ...

As an interior designer, I am keenly aware that our environments have a significant impact on our hearts, our wellness and our spirits. In 2015-16, I engaged with a new opportunity to give back, volunteering to design and furnish a suite of guest rooms for a brand-new, 52,000 square-foot expansion of the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford.

Ronald McDonald Houses provide welcoming shelter for families who need to stay close to a hospital because their children are receiving treatment there for life-threatening illnesses, and we were so fortunate to partner with @robertallendesign, who donated all of the fabrics we and four other designers needed for our rooms, for free, as our exclusive sponsor. It bears repeating, how good it feels to care for other people, and how much our community and our society needs philanthropy. If it weren’t for the generosity of humans taking care of one another, we wouldn’t survive. View this project in its entirety at our bio link. #comehometoyourSelf

There is no correct answer, here — we are all unique in our ability to create a vision for our homes and for ourselves. ✨ #comehometoyourSelf ...

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