LMB Interiors is a top interior design firm in Oakland, California, offering award-winning interior design services for historic and modern homes (Tudor, Mediterranean, Eichler, Mid-Century Modern, California Ranch-Style, and more) as well as condominiums, home-offices, high-end restaurants, and commercial spaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Creating a beautiful home supports us in creating a beautiful life. We take your vision, who you are, what you love, and who you are becoming, and channel that into an environment that is welcoming, inspiring, and restorative.

We prioritize “green design.” To us, this means working with local contractors, artisans, and vendors, using the most eco-friendly earth-conscious materials and practices available, and focusing on items that are handmade, organic, and authentic.

At LMB Interiors, we seek clients who share our quest for what is real, true, and genuine. We are elated to share the magic we create — just for you. Our purpose is fulfilled when we see the positive impact our work makes in our clients’ lives.

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We get regular requests for breakfast nooks and this one from @katemarkerinteriors is one to aspire to. Creating connection starts by creating spaces where people want to linger and visit. //✨#comehometoyourSelf ...

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Do you have people in your life who inspire you to be better? Who model for you how to up your game? There are several prolific beauty makers who inspire me on the regular and @victoriahaganinteriors is one of them. Look at this space! And look at the business she’s created! I used to see people who have created such things and felt like I could never achieve so much success but now I see that these people are Expanders. Those humans who have talent in many arenas and model for us how to create beauty making businesses, give generously to others and have fun doing it. Who are your Expanders? Tag them so the rest of us can be inspired. //✨#comehometoyourSelf ...

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Great lighting can really bring it home and the more you invest in high quality, artistan crafted lighting the more elegant the room. There’s a big difference between pieces made by humans over time with care and a rushed, mass produced piece made by machines in a hurry. Your heart can feel it. This fixture is from @coupdetatsf ...

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This blue bathroom by @heatherchadduck is pressing my happy vibes button.//✨#comehometoyourSelf ...

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Wouldn’t you love to spend an hour or two of your self care Sunday bathing, relaxing and connecting with your Self? I sure would. Everything about this bathroom @amberinteriors !!! //✨#comehometoyourSelf ...

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